Al Hurafi

Heritage and Quality


The wood factory was founded in 1950 by Fouad Abdulwahab Abbas - "God bless his soul" and handled woodwork and joinery projects across the Kingdom and the neighboring countries.

In the mid-1960s, Ziad Abbas - Fouad's son, took over the company and pursued operating it as a partnership. All wood and aluminum works ranging from palaces to airports, ministries, houses, banks, military facilities and the expansion of both the two Holy Mosques of Makkah and Madinah.

In 1984, Ziad transformed the business into an independent factory until 1996 when he turned into a totally independent business known as Al Hurafi Establishment,  and shifting it over a decade later into Al Hurafi for Advanced Contracting Co. Ltd. as it stands today.

After more than half a century of operation, craftsmanship of unique, artistic, and functional wood and steelwork is the passion that continues to drive the company and dictates the path to achieve excellence.

Al Hurafi Co. specializes in upscale projects for both the private and public sector.

We provide professional, high end wood, steel, casting, electroplating, metal finishing and aluminum works. Over the past years we have placed a lot of effort in developing the labs, technical specifications and  human resources to further improve the quality of work and satisfy clients needs.


Interview with MR. Ziad Fouad Abbas - God Bless His Soul

<strong>Ziad Fouad Abbas</strong> God bless his soul

Ziad Fouad Abbas God bless his soul